About Us


Edu Weed is the largest cannabis research center located in Franklin Street, Boston. We cultivate and sell a large variety of popular strains in addition to over a dozen of our award winning unique potent strains.

We also have a huge collection of seeds for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. They include regular, feminized and autoflowering. From our buds and seeds, a number of products are produced such as cannabis and hemp oil with varied THC levels.

  • Very high quality products.
  • Cheapest prices.
  • Fast, Secure, Discrete shipping.
  • Active customer service.

If your supplier doesn't provide the best quality and convenient prices, you should switch to EduWeed. We supply individuals who use it for recreation, we supply middlemen who resell and we also supply patients who use it for medical purposes. At EduWeed, we put our clients first.

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