Best site to buy cannabis seeds

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November 10, 2016
Cheap feminized cannabis seeds for sale
Cheap feminized cannabis seeds for sale
November 12, 2016

Best site to buy cannabis seeds

Best site to buy cannabis seeds

Finding the best site to buy cannabis seeds can prove to be a hard task since there are so many websites now that you will find advertising their services. The problem is establishing which site you can trust. When you type on search engines such google, you will find so many sites offering to sell you the best seeds. With the growing weed industry, the number of online vendors has been on the rise. We can also say this about online scammers. These will convince you to buy from them only to fail to keep the part of their bargain.

How to know good quality weed seeds

Whether you are a closet grower, a patient, or a master in the art of growing seeds, you should understand various things in the process of buying weeds seeds online. You should know the reason why you need a particular strain of seeds. Some of these seeds are known for their fast germination while others for their high yields. Some other strains are also known for their medical properties. Before hurryingly making an order for a particular strain, be sure to do your research. Most customers make their requests for strains that have high or low levels of CBD and CBN. Online vendors and stores that sell weed seeds can advise the best kind of seeds you can buy according to your needs as the client.  As a customer, you should be able to understand the differences between indoor and outdoor weed seeds and how they are tended to. They should be from a reliable seller online and always ensure you get value for your money. Sometimes there has to be a compromise on either price or quality, so it is of importance to choose wisely before settling on your preferred seeds.

Below are some websites to buy cannabis seeds from

  1. Our website – Eduweed

    • We are your number one cannabis seeds store near you. We are reliable and can deliver your orders without any delays. We are always available for you anytime you need us. Our contacts are always, and you can call us anytime you need to make an order. If you have a complaint about our services, we will react to it as fast as possible
    • Our prices are cheap and affordable. We supply both Medium and High quality marijuana seeds for most strains thus enabling us to have flexible prices. It also means that our consumers can purchase the weed that they feel they are comfortable buying. There is also no price increase in our marijuana. You buy at the cost indicated in our shop. We have eliminated resellers thus cutting extra costs that come with them this has enabled us to sell marijuana to you at a low price.
    • Purchasing weed from us is safe. We are observers of the law, and we cannot get you into trouble with authorities. We make sure your information is safe with us. We provide fully discreet packaging and shipping so you do not have to worry about someone else knowing what is in your package. We understand that there may be prejudice to people who use weed in some areas and that is why we ensure only you who know what is in the package. We have also ensured that our packaging is simple to reduce the cost of your weed. We understand as a stoner you care more about quality and not fancy packaging and we give exactly that.
    • We make free deliveries to all states in the US and ship to 47 countries worldwide. If you are that person that does not want to get out of the house, all you need to do is to make an order, and we will deliver it to your home.
    • We offer a chance for returns and you are guaranteed to get your money back. For those stoners who are not satisfied with our products, there is always the refund option. However, we can guarantee you that these are minimal. We strive to maintain quality products to all our esteemed customers.
    • We offer discount for new buyers, frequent buyers and those who purchase in bulk. Customer services in our shop are the best. You will be treated in a friendly way whether you are new or you are a returning buyer.
  2. Harbor side health center

    The site is based in Oakland, CA and it offers free deliveries to residents in the San Francisco Bay area. This website only accepts payments in cash, money orders, and cashier checks. The delivery drivers will only receive the full amount of money upon delivery. The products that you will find on the website include flowers, concentrates, edibles, and marijuana seeds. They also sell marijuana accessories such as lighters and T-shirts. You can make orders any time of the day, but deliveries are from 1-7pm.

  3. Speed Weed

    This site is located in Los Angeles, CA and serves the residents of LA and Orange County areas. They offer products like edibles, flowers, hash, concentrates, wax, and other cannabis products. To make and order on this site, you require a membership. They are fast safe and discreet according to their policy.

  4. Crown collective

    They are based on Forestville, CA.  To make orders on this site, you have to be a member. The payment method for this website is through donations for patients with transportation needs.  Their strains include Granddaddy Purple, Blackberry Kush, Super Lemon Haze, and Cherry AK wax.

  5. Weed Store the USA

    Based in Atlanta, GA this website claims to be the number one herbal smoke shop in the world. It sells 100% natural buds online along with vaporizers and other cannabis products. Their strains include Big Bud, Mr. Nice, Blackberry Kush, Super Lemon Haze, Hawaiian Indicia, Girl Scout Cookies, and Jack Hearer. They deliver orders in the US fast.

  6. Real scientific hemp oil

    Based in San Diego, this site does not sell any products that violate the USA controlled substance act. They develop hemp cultivars that contain CBD content meaning it is a credible site to buy medical marijuana and cannabis seeds.