Where to buy the best cannabis seeds 

Cheap feminized cannabis seeds for sale
Cheap feminized cannabis seeds for sale
November 12, 2016
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Order marijuana online mail order
November 15, 2016

Where to buy the best cannabis seeds 

Best cannabis seeds

Buying cannabis seeds as a newbie can be a risk endeavor. One of the reason is you have to be very careful about the quality of your seeds. If you are not aware of the right seeds that are good for you, your plant will also be substandard. It is therefore wise to do a good research on the type and quality of seeds you need before making a purchase.

Type of seeds available at our shop

  1. Northern lights haze seeds

    The northern light haze seed is famous for being the first successful 50% cross breed. It was popular in the 1970s in the USA but almost became extinct in the 1980s because farmers were switching to more yielding varieties. Due to the radical cannabis nature of this haze, this cross stretches a lot and takes a longer flowering period to finish than most marijuana plants. This stretchy allows cuttings to enter flowering as early as they are rooted. This entry into flowering early allows the northern lights haze to finish in a similar amount of time with indicia-heavy crosses that need more productive time. North light haze delivers fresh, spicy Sativa buds that have a clean taste. Marijuana from our north light haze seeds will get you high very fast.

  2. Dutch Haze seeds

    This haze seed is an all haze variety Sativa. The Dutch Haze seed was developed by Dutch passions extensive seed bank. Breeders grew different types of plants crossing North American and European strains, then subjecting them to an extensive discerning selection to create a haze that finishes faster with improved yields without compromising the original breed. The Dutch Haze seed is the best suited for indoors growing. They are resistant to diseases and insects making them good for farmers. The Dutch haze high captures an uplifting intensity that stoners love. The smoke is smooth with herbal flavors and smells.

  3. Purple haze seeds

    Purple Haze seeds are the reintroduction of famous marijuana species Positronics. This pot is so good that Jimmy Hendrix did a song about it. This haze was famous in the 70s and was smoked in the traditional woodwork festival. The purple haze high is known for stimulating imaginations. The effect is so strong that it encourages creativity. The haze species also has good medicinal qualities for people who are undergoing pain and stress. The smell is spicy, and the taste is sweet. It is famous among the old school people and it’s good to enjoy with friends.

  4. Feminized marijuana seeds

    Feminized marijuana seeds are genetically modified seeds that only produce female plants. Usually, a cannabis seed is supposed to produce a male and a female plant. The X and Y-chromosomes determine this process. Plants with two X chromosomes have a 99.99% chance of becoming female while those with X and Y-chromosomes become male.

Where to get the best cannabis seeds

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  • We also have eliminated intermediaries who might charge you an extra amount for no reason. Our packaging is also simple and easy which enable us to save some cash too. We understand some of our clients just want quality marijuana seeds, and fancy packaging may not make any sense to them. We have made the packaging as discrete as possible to enhance your safety.
  • We have a team of experienced workers who will take you through all the procedure you need while germinating and planting the seeds. We care about our customers, and we do not want to lose them that are why we ensure our communication platforms are open always. You can contact our anytime you have any queries.
  • We maintain our website frequently to ensure there are no hikes while purchasing from us. You can find all the information you need from our blogs and articles that are posted on the site.


We are the best marijuana shop near you. We offer a large variety of weed seeds thus giving you freedom of choice. We will guide you on the right seeds that suit your needs. Make a call to us today and make your order.