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Dried Buds / Flowers

We have over 40 different strains which are either indica, sativa or hybrid. These strains have different flavors, effects and also medical uses


These are fruity flavored, energy filled and highly relaxing cannabis strains. It is good for physical relief and enjoyed best at night time and social gatherings. It reduces stress, nausea, anxiety and stimulates the muscles. The most popular indica strains include: Northern lights, ICE, Blue mystic, Bubble kush, Pineapple kush, OG kush, Bubblegum XL, Afghani goo, Buba kush, Master kush, Grand daddy purple
PRICE: OZ $270, 1/8 Pound $450, 1/4 Pound $800, 1/2 Pound $1200, Lbs $2200
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These are sweet and spicy flavored, creativity boosting cannabis strains. They are known for their uplifting cerebral effects that makes the mind high. Sativa strains are used to increase focus and creativity, energize and stimulate the body and reduce depression. The most popular sativa strains include: Sour diesel, Amnesia haze, Laughing buddha, strawberry cough, Mody dick, Lambs bread, Chocolope, Green crack, Jack herer, Durban, Cherry AK, Trainwreck.
PRICE: OZ $270, 1/8 Pound $450, 1/4 Pound $800, 1/2 Pound $1200, Lbs $2200
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These are floral, pine or skunk flavored cannabis strains resulting from a mixture of other strains. The effects are varied hence one hybrid is best for a particular consumer because of a specific property. Their major characteristic is therefore a mixture of the properties inherited from their parent plants. The most popular hybrids include: Girl Scout Cookies, White fire, God's gift, Dutch treat, Purple have, Blue dream, AK-47 , Pineapple Express, Fruity Pebbles, Lemon Kush, Ingrid, Phantom OG, AK Banana.
PRICE: OZ $300, 1/8 Pound $450, 1/4 Pound $800, 1/2 Pound $1200, Lbs $2200
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Buy Cannabis Seeds Online

This is without doubt the best seed bank with high quality, fast germinating seeds that are sure to produce healthy plants. We have regular seeds, feminized seeds and auto flowering

Regular Cannabis Seeds

These seeds when cultivated have equal chances of producing both male and female plants.
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Feminized Cannabis Seeds

These seeds have been modified genetically so that they stand more than 98% chances of yielding female plants
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Autoflowering seeds

This is a crossbreed of either sativa strains or indica strains with ruderalis plant causing the resulting plant to bloom faster.
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Cannabis Extracts

We have a range of extracts from our plants and seeds such as oil, paste, capsules, suppositories, creams/ointments and E-liquids.

Cannabis Oil for Sale

Our pure cannabis or marijuana oil contains 50 - 60% THC and 10 - 15% CBD. It is used for both recreational and medical purposes and is psychoactive.
PRICE: 1/4 Litre $450, Half Litre $900, Litre $1500 GRADE: A+
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Buy Hemp Oil Online

Depending on the marijuana strain used, our pure hemp oil has between 18 - 27% CBD and less than 0.3% THC. Best for relaxing, calming, moisturizing.
PRICE: 1/4 Litre $500, Half Litre $1000, Litre $1600 GRADE: A+
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We have many other extracts such as tinctures, topicals, vaporizers, concentrates, edibles, pet products, capsules, gels, supplements, pills, gum etc.
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A Reliable Supplier of Real Weeds


Weeds are plants that have lots of seeds in it.  These large number of seeds assists in spreading weeds from one place to another. Weeds are commonly first species that can survive and reproduce themselves in disturbed environments. They spread themselves rapidly and grow colony very fast. They are known for their dominating nature.  Weeds are very good in inhabiting themselves under all environments like oceans, deserts, alpine areas and tropical areas.

Weeds are considered both beneficial and non-beneficial. The uses of weed are controversial. Weeds are used for human consumption also. It is claimed that it helps in enhancing life and can make food taste better. It has somewhat drug like effects.

Sale of weed is not legalized by most countries. But there are some sources who are selling weeds online. But it is not necessary that you will end up buying a real product. There are many fraudsters hidden as a reliable supplier of weeds.

We are a reliable online platform that provides all marijuana products, weeds, cannabis seeds, and cannabis oil for sale. Those who are interested in weeds can Buy Real Weed Online from eduweed.com

Buy Cannabis Seeds Online– They are also called Hemp seeds and have been used as a food by many people worldwide. It is believed that cannabis seeds when taken in roasted form provide protein and amino acid supplement. Buy Cannabis Seeds Online through eduweed.com

THC Cannabis Oil for Sale– We sell pure Cannabis oil which contains 50-60% THC.

Medical Marijuana Seeds– Marijuana seeds can be taken in a medicine form and many times it is prescribed by a doctor. Buy Medical Marijuana Seeds online from eduweed.com as they are the reliable supplier of real marijuana seeds.

The Hemp Oil Online – Hemp oil is used for relaxing muscles, calming strains and also as body moisturizers. Marijuana strains are used in the hemp oil as per the requirement. Buy Hemp Oil Online from eduweed.com as they supply pure Hemp Oil.